Zero-Decimal Currencies

All API requests expect amounts to be provided in a currency's smallest unit. For most currencies that Paytron supports this will be cents. For example, to send a payment of $5,000, an amount of 500000 should be provided (500,000 cents).

For zero-decimal currencies, you still need to provide the amounts as an integer, but do not multiply the value by 100. For example, JPY is a zero-decimal currency. To send a payment of ï¿¥50,000, provide an amount of 50000

Zero Decimal Currencies

  • JPY
  • IDR
  • UGX


Ugandan Shilling (UGX)

UGX was historically a decimal-based currency. It is now effectively a zero-decimal currency. Paytron has no need to maintain backwards compatibility for UGX so (unlike some other providers) we treat it as a zero-decimal currency.