A beneficiary is the intended recipient of a payment. Paytron supports payments to beneficiaries in 37 different currencies, to 180+ countries, and over multiple payment rails.

The supported payment rails:

  1. Local payment rails - 17 supported currencies including majors like AUD, USD, GBP, EUR
  2. The SWIFT network - 33 supported currencies
  3. BPAY - Australia only

For more information, please visit "Managing payments" in our Help Center.

To create a beneficiary, you'll need to specify some basic information about the recipient along with their banking details. There are different input requirements for payments that are made to individuals, businesses, or and via the BPAY network. The specific structure required for each payment type is outlined in the API documentation.

Once you have created a beneficiary, you can then use the beneficiary's ID and type to generate a quote which can be passed into a payment.