Getting Started with Paytron

This page will help you get started with Paytron.

Welcome to the Paytron API.

Our API is the simple way for your business to make payments via code. We recommend that you read the documentation and the supporting material to learn about the functionality associated with each endpoint. The API can be used in two environments - staging and production. The staging environment uses fake money for testing purposes, so feel free to use it to make mistakes while developing, test your edge cases and know there will be no real-world consequences. As far as possible, we try to make this an effective emulator for the production environment, so it has the same requirements for each endpoint. Production is the real thing, where real money will move if you make a call to do so.

Our API is organised around Rest.

To gain access to either environment and receive your API keys, you will need to inquire with Paytron and set up an account in the web application. For any queries you have that are not addressed in the documentation or on our website, please make contact via email with your account manager.

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