The Payroll API lets you push payroll files into Paytron, and fetch information regarding a pay run that’s already in progress. We currently support the upload of both CSV and ABA files encoded as Base64 strings, or JSON payroll. Once uploaded, the payroll will show up as a single row in the payments table in “Needs approval” status, pending the company’s standard approval settings. The user will have two options: approve or decline. If edits are required, they should be done using the update payroll endpoint, which will do a full replace of the existing version.


In addition to the standard Payments permission set (view, create, approve), Paytron also has a “View payroll” permission item for every user. To protect the privacy of the employees in the pay run, users who do not have this permission will still be able to see the combined total of the pay run in their Payments view, but never the constituent line items.

The token issued to you by your users is only valid for their chosen company in Paytron, and can be revoked at any time by them. Granting you Payroll access does not grant your access to any other aspect of their account.